Out Of Negros Island

The richness of our forests and the wealth of our local artistry serve as the wellspring of imaginative designs for HACIENDA CRAFTS.

Founded in the early 1990s in Central Philippines, our company taps Negros Island artistry and sustainable natural materials to create distinctive high-end lamps, furniture, and furnishings. Our hand-crafted designs go beyond borders of culture and taste. Using indigenous weaving techniques, HACIENDA CRAFTS breathes warmth and rustic charm into every contemporary living space.

Nature, community, traditions. They define Hacienda Craft’s envirosocial passion.

Lighting Design

In 2004, Hacienda Crafts passionately pursued lighting design. Floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, and chandeliers have since been fashioned out of natural materials. Distinctive in styling and skillful in craftsmanship, lamps have helped bolster the rise of Hacienda Crafts’ name in the world of interior design.


Hacienda Crafts’ line of furniture, home accessories, and home décor, reflect the same attention to design distinction and impeccable craftsmanship. Pre-colonial Filipino design elements, preserved by indigenous peoples in the south—the T’boli Tribe and the Maranaos—are brought to life in vibrant shades of natural dye. The refined buri lends minimalist elegance to baskets and trays.