Ina at workAs a young girl I loved searching for the tiniest seashells on the beach. I was fascinated with their shapes, textures, colors and that animals could live in them. I had the privilege of growing up outdoors, hiking up mountains and swimming in the sea.  For as long as I remember, I have also been crafting. I would use whatever materials I could find and turn them into anything. This curiosity and passion to create led me to a degree in Architecture where inspiration combined form and function into design.

Making a life in the hacienda brought me back to nature. Here, the sun, rises and sets in a rhythm untouched by humanity.  Lush tropical plants grow wild and nature breathes.  The sugarcane is cultivated then harvested with extraordinary beauty all year round. 

The hacienda community is rich in cultural craft traditions– making mats, hammocks, crab traps, fishnets, seed baskets, market baskets and others that are used in daily life.  Having grown up in cities and having been exposed to many cultures, I found myself in the unique position to merge craft and design for a greater cause – a chance at a better life for all.

As I reflect on our journey, I realize it is people that provided the greatest inspiration…from the little children going to school, to the rondalla youth musicians, to our dedicated Hacienda Crafts team, to the many courageous artisans who, stich after stich, create beautiful forms that transform their lives, and our customers that encourage us forward. Each of us has our own story.

It is for you that we create.  We are grateful for your support, hoping that we can enriched your life too!



Christina Borromeo-Gaston

Creative Director, Designer