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Find out how you can be a Hacienda Crafts distributor in your region. We can also collaborate to design for your existing brand. Each product we make and every project we undertake provides our artisans with livelihood opportunities, transcending boundaries and making a better life possible. It helps keep traditions alive using sustainably sourced materials and processes.
We are always looking to find new ways to develop our materials, which we translate into design objects. Designers, collaborators, welcome! Partner with us! We would be more than happy to collaborate and develop collections with you.
Export Background:
We began our export story in 1996 with the US Market, creating tabletop items and seasonal collections, from coconut twigs. We expanded our material skillset after a decade, ensuring their sustainable origins, to lightings and accent furnishings.
Compliance Programme:
Artisan Accelerator Program 2019 Participant - NEST (
Trade and Exhibitions Participations:
ASEAN International Furniture & Furnishings Show 2021 VX ( 2ZaiAsmb0g/);
Fame Plus (
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